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JAPRA Foundries

Images from our foundry

        Castings are produced at our Phagwara, India Plant. The foundry facility is equipped with Green Sand preparation shop;  molding and core making shop; Melting Furnaces; Holding and pouring station; Shaking and Cleaning shop; Flogging, Chipping and Hydro blasting shop; Annealing Furnaces; Machining center and downstream preparation and coating shops.


        Castings manufactured at our plant are SAND Castings primarily in Ferrous metals, however, Aluminum sand Castings and die castings are also produced, if desired. We have the capacity to produce a single-piece casting from 2 Oz. to 1000 lbs.

Castings are manufactured conforming to the following Standards:

bulletGray Iron Castings - (Tensile strength to 20 kpsi)

             ASTM - A48, A126, A159, A278 and  A74. 

bulletMalleable Iron Castings - (Tensile strength to 60 kpsi)

      ASTM - A338, A197 and A47.

        Our engineers, technicians and sales professionals are equipped with CAD facility, elaborate tool room, pattern shop and are ready to work with you for your specific needs. 





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