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JAPRA Steel Studs
Images from our manufacturing facility

        At Japra Group we manufacture an extensive range of Light Gauge steel framing  components for the building industry including drywall studs and tracks; structural studs and joists; corner bead; angles and metal lath. 

  State-of-the-art Rollformers and allied machinery has been added at our New Jersey Facility in USA.


        Structural studs and joists as well as  Drywall Steel studs and tracks are primarily manufactured from 25G through 14G in sizes from 1-5/8" through 12" web and 1" through 2" flange. Top priority is given to produce quality product with consistent physical properties enabling engineers and architects to accurately design framing systems for the desired structure. Both 33ksi and 50ksi min. yield products are available.

        Special notch spacing, lengths and other manufacturing variations are available if desired. Special packing and Bar Code marking is available.

        Standard sizes in standard lengths are available from our buffer stock.

        We undertake manufacture of special sizes for specific projects and can provide metric measurement members for international markets. Our multiple loading dock facility can safely and easily stuff 20' and 40' containers for export.

         In case any custom profile is desired, our engineering and sales teams are ready to work with you from inception through commercial production keeping our commitment to provide a quality product at competitive price.  



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