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Fence Fittings

        Japra Group is one of the oldest manufacturer of Fence Fittings. Starting in 1975, we are the first company to produce Hot Dip Galvanized pressed steel chainlink fence fittings overseas in India. 

        Fence Fittings are now manufactured at our three locations in Calcutta, India; Phagwara, India and New Jersey USA facilities. These fittings are primarily manufactured from  Semi-Steel, Malleable, Pressed Steel and recently stainless steel parts. These components are then assembled to complete the end product. We currently manufacture an assortment of over 1000 fittings in different styles and sizes suitable for Chainlink, Ornamental, PVC and Wood Fence Systems and are world's largest producers and stockists of world's strongest Cantilever Rollers.   



         Our facilities are equipped with State-of-the-Art Foundry equipment capable of producing High Grade Malleable and Semi-Steel Castings. 


           The units have in- house pattern shop, molding shop, melting furnaces, annealing furnaces, shot blasting equipment, machining facility, pickling line, Hot Dip Galvanizing line and powder coating line. 


        Pressed Steel Fittings are made using precision high speed OBI Presses, Press Brakes, Gap Frame Presses, fabricating Machinery and  jigs & fixtures.

            We mould, melt, pour, anneal, clean, machine, fabricate, Galvanize, assemble and pack under one roof.

            Our quality, workmanship, presentation, price and service is unmatched in the industry.

All fittings are guaranteed to fit, operate and guaranteed to last exceeding the industry norms.





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