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        CactusCoil  Brand barbed tape is manufactured at our New Jersey USA Plant. We use top quality, prime raw materials to ensure a quality end product.

        Needle sharp barbs are evenly spaced and reinforcing wire is thoroughly embedded at the center of the band. The band is wrapped around the reinforcing wire at least 230 degrees to make the resultant coil a rigid single entity. 

                                                                   Stainless Steel Band

         Bands are blanked on our high speed precision blanking lines to meet the tight delivery schedules. 


                                                          Stainless Steel Band

        CactusCoil  is packaged in heavy duty Cardboard Boxes with spacers separating each coil for easy handling.

        We currently produce and stock 18" and 24" single coil Rolls in Galvanized and Stainless Steel materials. Other sizes are available upon request. 

        All products can be ordered from our Distribution division.      

Warning: It is recommended that the CactusCoil  be installed by a trained fence professional and be mounted at a height no less than seven feet above ground level. The severity of danger to humans and animals should be clearly posted. Please check your local codes for installation restrictions. Wearing of Protective gear while handling this product is highly recommended.



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