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    Steel coils at Japra Group are imported as per our customers' requirements.

With our in-depth knowledge of international specifications and standards, we can match an overseas source that can produce the required chemistry, physical properties, finish, packing, slitting, cut-to-length, edge conditioning, temper rolling and other special requirements.

Shipments are either made via break-bulk or containerized cargo. Our logistics experience and international transactions experience provides the peace of mind our customers deserve. Goods are quoted delivered to customers loading docks all customs duties paid, customs cleared, freight and drayage prepaid with no hidden charges or surprises.

Following steel coils are offered on a regular basis:

1. Hot Rolled Coils (Black and Pickled and oiled):

    Conforming to SAE 1006, 1008, 1010, 1012, 1018 and 1020. A wide range of widths is available from slit-to-size to 72" coil width. Thickness ranges from 0.065" through 0.400".

2. Cold Rolled Coils (Full Hard, CRCQ, CS-B, CS, DS-B, DS, DDS, EDDS and graded):

    Conforming to ASTM A1008, 1015, 1018, 1020 and 1023 Widths from slit-to-size to 48". Thickness from 0.006" thru 0.078". Surface finish options include matte and  bright. A rust preventative oil coating is applied if desired.

3. Galvanized Coils (Full Hard, CS-B, FS, DS, DDS, EDDS, IF, and graded): 

    Available in Zinc coatings from G-30 to G-120. Other options include CT/NCT, Oil/Dry, min. spangle, zero spangle, regular spangle, temper rolled, paper interleave, and special packaging. Widths range from slit-to-size to 60" coil width.

4. Stainless Steel Coils (200 series, 300 series and 400 series):

    Available in 201 , 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 409, 430 conforming to ASTM A240, ASTM A666 specifications.               






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